Sunday, June 21, 2009

Steps for Installing Linux with Windows

Hi friends, this is my first post which will help you all to install LINUX on windows.
for any query please leave comment, i will try to fix it.


The installation CD or an ISO image to burn. It is possible with some distributions as Suse to install from Windows.


1. It is better to use a second disk specially for Linux. Otherwise you can split the Windows partition.

2.If you have a partition available and free, ignore this section, go to (3)
- Use SCANDISK (System Tools) to repair any errors on the hard disk.
- Use DEFRAG to prepare partitioning leaving a block of free space.
Take note of the available disk space is you resize the partition from Linux.
Vista makes it possible to resize the partition to create another which can be used for Linux.
You can also choose installation on USB disk. Verify prior that the boot sector of the system can be restored from the Vista disk!

3.Insert the CD in the drive.
Restart your computer, press DEL or F1 or any key that open the Bios configuration panel, and configure options in the BIOS so that the computer starts with CD-ROM. Save and continue the boot process. You then need to boot from the Linux CD.

4.You are asked to choose between the expert mode or not. The second will install Lilo Grub or without prompting you. If you install Lilo on the Windows partition, you will have to choose between Windows and Linux at each startup.

5.Choose keyboard, language, etc ...
At the option of partition, if you do not have a free disk or a free partition, you have to resize that of Windows. Create a swap partition in this space according to the table below.
It takes at least 2 gigabytes to install Linux. Linux read Windows FAT and NTFS directories, do not try to create a too large partition.

Click on the space for the swap partition, make it SWAP and MOUNT it.
Click on the other Linux partition. Make it Linux and put / for the root directory.
The file system recommended is ext3.

7.Continue with the graphical install.
You might be asked to install Lilo or Grub, the boot loader, choose Grub.

8.Continue with the other options.

9.To start on the USB disk, reboot your computer and go to the BIOS. Choose the USB reader as the first unit to start (boot).

10.Change according your need prompt and environment variables.


  1. But sir, how can I install Ubuntu 9.04 directly without installing Windows.
    I dont want Windows, I want to start with Ubuntu.
    Thank you

  2. sir problem is that i have linux and i want to install windows also.can i install windows without harming my data sir plz reply soon...

  3. Ya Ashu We can do that with VirualBox software...
    You can install that and use Windows in your running Linux

    And don't disturb Sir...

  4. hi Sarang.
    I had posted the steps to install Ubuntu 9.04
    you can have a look on that.

  5. Hi Ashu,

    I have also tried to help you..
    See whether it work ..i m sure it will

  6. Dear sir Sarang J pande, is it Virual box or Virtual box?.. But it is a virtual PC, it requires lot of memory space. My ram is just 1GB but i want to install windows on the machine which already has ubuntu. I dont want to re-install ubuntu.. There must be some way.. Respected alok sir, can u help me?.. i badly need it..

  7. HI ajith

    I had already posted the way to do that. it will work..
    Please try.

  8. i just tried... Thanks a lot sir.. kya kamal kiya aapne... it worked... u r the real savior :)... Sir keep helping us like this..