Monday, March 8, 2010

NS-2 Installation error solved

While installing NS-2 in ubuntu if you are getting problem like

Usage: host [-v] [-a] [-t querytype] [options] name [server]
Listing: host [-v] [-a] [-t querytype] [options] -l zone [server]
Hostcount: host [-v] [options] -H [-D] [-E] [-G] zone
Check soa: host [-v] [options] -C zone
Addrcheck: host [-v] [options] -A host
Listing options: [-L level] [-S] [-A] [-p] [-P prefserver] [-N skipzone]
Common options: [-d] [-f|-F file] [-I chars] [-i|-n] [-q] [-Q] [-T] [-Z]
Other options: [-c class] [-e] [-m] [-o] [-r] [-R] [-s secs] [-u] [-w]
Special options: [-O srcaddr] [-j minport] [-J maxport]
Extended usage: [-x [name ...]] server [name ...]]

Than you can fix this problem by:

Copy all the files from

and paste it to /usr/bin/

and then try to run ns
it will work


  1. Thnx Sir, I was also facing same problem, I tried it for last 3 days, today I just searched and I got solution. It's working well.
    Thanx once more Sir.

  2. Its ok, feel free to ask any kinda NS help

    all the best